The ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee is providing the NIH with feedback on recent funding proposals. A new PAAC working group is charged with proposing innovative ideas to support the next generation of scientists.

This is where you fit in! Instead of responding to a proposal, we invite you to help develop a proposal from the ground floor. Imagine you have a blank piece of paper:

·         What are the largest issues facing the community today?

·         What policies should be reevaluated when it comes to supporting the next generation?

·         What initiatives work in other places that the NIH should consider?

The PAAC urges you to share your thoughts. They can be as detailed or as broad as you like — a one-sentence comment or a 10-page proposal. We’ll exchange ideas in ASBMB Today and online. Together, we can build a case for where the NIH should focus its attention to support the next generation.

Please include your complete contact information.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.